Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is “THE” ” HOTEL BOUTIQUE and “THE” RESTAURANT OF CUSCO. Fallen Ángel is where the various human nuances are combined, where you will find the most disturbing feelings of our environment. It is an authentic Cuscenian creation. Its manager and owner comes from a traditional artist’s family of San Blas, the bohemian part of this cosmopolite city, field of influence and artistic gift, leading to the creation of this fantastic place where the main character is half-angel, half-man, living as well a flavoured as a tasteless life, innocently and yet sinful and earthy, and divine at the same time. 

Fallen Angel Fallen Angel Fallen Angel Fallen Angel Fallen Angel

Fallen Ángel has been established in a Colonial House in the historic centre of Cusco. The house is considered as Historic Patrimony. Audacious spaces have been created, where Fallen Ángel, the fictional character, shares its experiences in a figurative way. 

Art & Artists

Fallen Ángel is shaped up like a Cultural Boutique, where the ingenuity and frenzy of creativity appear like cascades of lights. Here Art speak for itself. The periodic exhibitions of local artists of renown are exciting. More than 150 works of art are exhibited. Several artists interact exhibiting in a simultaneously in a rotary way. 
Andrea BarredaCarlos BardalesCarlos OliveraChristian Florez

The Events

Fallen Angel wants to show the contemporary aspects of Cusco inside this city rich in History. In the City you breathe an avant-garde spirit, whose protagonists are the Cuscenians themselves. Inspired by them, the Fallen Angel organizes 4 big events a year. Those themed events are world-wide well known. The approximate dates are around June 23rd (INTI RAYMI), July 28th (National Day) October 31st and New Year’s Eve.

Info: contacto@fallenangelincusco.com