Preface to falllen Angel

As a concept, FALLEN ANGEL has been created by the necessity to express and give life to encountered feelings, life circumstances. Realising retrospection, similar to the passion for life and a story of an angel on earth.

This story starts with a conversation between a cherub and God. The cherub says: “Dear Lord, I want to be one of your Archangels, those who are raised at the Cathedral, like Raphael or Michael”.

The Lord responds:”If you want to be one of them, you will have to fulfil a challenge. Go back on Earth and find a way to cure karmas of this world. Heal from suffering and pain. Bring prosperity and happiness in a world of violence and uncertainty. Then, when you will come back, you will be an Angel of Light.

The cherub accepted the challenge and went back on Earth…He was born 9 months later from a mother; by the trauma of the childbirth, the Angel was born as a human. He may have forgotten his divinity…but not his mission.