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"The" Small Luxury Guest House

Inspired by the concept of Fallen Ángel, the yet famous “ THE” SMALL LUXURY GUEST HOUSE has been created a few years ago. The Hotel Boutique is located in the same colonial house. There are only 5 rooms. Each of them with an exquisite line, eclectic and capricious design; revealing the contemporary side of this Historical and Cosmopolitan Cusco that breathes the universal avant-gardism and where the protagonists are Cuscenian people.

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Today the moon embraces the sea with a dream, and a light and fresh wind comes down from the Andes, caressing the slow boardwalk of the night.



Frontier between sky and dreams, where its aura mutes the morning dew. It is fantasy of emotions and passions. A way to travel in the heart of the day.



Sometimes the Angels come down on Earth to have a bath of dreams, in a shape of light and rain. The freedom of their wings softens the time.



The images of life shine like a drop of light in the dream of passion, no doubt that the eyes wonder in a delicate sigh.